Senior Colourist Nadir Mansouri



DI Freelance Colorist


Telecine, Postproduction, Commercial, Feature Film, 


weapon of choice: Da Vainci 2K, Pogle, Nucoda, Lustre, Baselight, FC Color, Resolve



Born 1975 in East Germany. 


1999-2003 Study of Visual Communication at the Bauhaus- University Weimar.

2003 start as a Junior Colorist at Pictorion das-werk


Worked for the biggest Players in Postproduction all over Europe.

Chimney Pot, 


PICTORION das werk, 

VCC Perfect Pictures, 

Condor Post Production, 

Cine Postproduction, 

Egli Film...


2010- now

Colorist, Baselight, Resolve

2K Posthouse Cairo


2009- now

Colorist, DaVinci 2K, Nucoda

The Chimney Pot,


2008- now

Colorist, DaVinci 2K, Lustre



2007- now

Colorist, Pogle, Baselight



2003- 2006


PICTORION daswerk,


2008- now

Colorist, Nucoda

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